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Why I'm Running

 I’m running for council because I know I will be a strong and dedicated advocate for the members of our community. I believe that there needs to be a balance between strong and progressive economic development, effective poverty reduction strategies and programming, environmental protection including reducing emissions, and building infrastructure to connect our region. I understand how stressful raising taxes is for families and those with fixed incomes. I stayed home with my children for 5 years because I believe family is important. My husband is a unionized plumber and has been working in the industry for more than 10 years now. I understand how government policy affects real people. I have a background in politics, but have always been behind the scenes. I was inspired to run after talking to community members and following all of the many changes that have happened over past terms of regional government. I have a thorough knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of the different levels of government and how they work together. The municipal level is where government can make the biggest impact on people’s quality of life. I want to be a regional representative for the city of Kitchener because my dedication, creativity, experience and willingness to listen and learn make me an ideal candidate to build on the success our region has had. I also want to be a role model for my kids and our younger generations. I want to inspire them to get involved and become community builders. I want everyone to feel like they are involved and included, and that they are helping to make positive changes in the region. 

My vision for the region

Setting an Example

Kari recognizes the value of being informed, connected, and innovative. She is running in Kitchener for a seat on the Waterloo Region Council because she believes that her experience would be a valuable asset to build on the solid foundation the region has established. She wants to be a part of creating a strong regional government that is not only a leader in progressive thinking and governance, but stands out as an example of building healthier and happier communities for every member. 

Kari Williams Waterloo Region Council Candidate Kitchener 2018

Effectively Addressing Issues

Kari has the ability and willingness to listen to and understand the concerns of all members of our communities. She is looking forward to working with other levels of government to collaborate on finding effective solutions to existing concerns and future issues which will inevitably arise. Currently, issues such as the location and logistics of Safe Consumption Sites (SCSs, SISs), the ION (LRT light rail) delays, safety concerns regarding lane use and crossings for vulnerable road users, and a shortfall of affordable housing for those struggling in our community, have emerged as key concerns for our region. Kari is willing to find responsible, long-term solutions that benefit our community members most effectively.

Working Together

Waterloo Region is a unique area, in that it balances a rich and diverse history while integrating new uses for technology in order to attract new and dynamic industries. It also incorporates both rural and urban areas which have their own unique considerations and requirements. This balance between communities requires collaboration, open dialogue, and leaders that are willing to work together and benefit as many community members as they can, while also carefully considering all options while making decisions. Kari is looking forward to working together to create a strong regional government.


Thank you Rogers Channel 20 for hosting the Kitchener Regional Candidate Debate. Watch for the debate on TV starting September 18, 2018, or watch it here!

Social Development Centre Waterloo Region round table discussion at St. Matthews. It was such a great experience to hear from the community and learn what they want to see in the region and what they find important.


There is still almost a month left and lots of work to do! 

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